Biogas is an important constituent in the energy supply system and considered one of the top alternative energy sources. It is used as fuel for electricity production, heat, steam and vehicles.

Biogas units could be constructed as a treatment facility on the farms, battery farms, distilling plants, sugar factories, or a meat-packing plants. Utilizing waste production into biogas, the rendering plant could be replaced by a biogas plant.

Denmark is a leader in the production and usage of biogas, where it makes up about 18% of the total energy supply. Germany achieved the highest figures of installed biogas units, totaling 8000. About half of the battery farms are heated with biogas in Western Europe.

The most widespread source of biogas production is landfill gas or refuse gas (49.2%); plant crops are the other most frequently used crude source. Fifteen percent of biogas is produced by treatment facilities in the EU.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and significant contributions to the environment increase the efficiency and potential of biogas. Research shows the benefits of this alternative fuel provide emissions reduction of 15 mln tonnes CO2e.

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Auto gas

The Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) appeared on the fuel market in 1990 and rapidly gained popularity.

It is widely used in Europe, where the total number of LPG vehicles amounts to 7 million.

The main benefit of this gas is pollution reduction for the environment. It emits 10% less carbon dioxide and 85% less carbon monoxide than petrol.

The process of producing LPG is divided into two stages:

  • Petrol refinement from crude oil
  • Natural gas extraction.

After compression, gas is converted to the liquid form to be used in vehicle tanks at a special gas station. There are about 20,000 LPG stations in Europe.

As one of the cleanest fuels, LPG has other meaningful benefits, including lower costs. Due to the tax incentive the average price is approximately 40% less than conventional fuel.

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Industrial equipment

With our in-depth knowledge of industrial-equipment supply, we offer complete solutions with competitive advantages throughout the entire process.

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industrial facilities

Health Medicine & Energy

We aim for executive decision-making based on in-depth health medicine industry research, where our expertise allows us to respond to market potential with greater accuracy and on-time project delivery for a successful long-term execution.

Our technical collaborations involve respectable technology brands spanning a list of projects, including the notable 2,000+ beds Motol hospital (Prague, CZ) and other EU projects.