Energy market evaluation & corporate strategy

Market evaluation allows us to define the main factors that contribute to an entry decision, business continuation or business efficiency improvement. We offer the performance of three main studies (with specific focus if needed):

  • Energy markets/countries overview and their potential (historical trends, present situation and expectations)
  • Electricity price analysis and forecast (the expected electricity price for the next 5, 10, 15 or 20 years; this defines a project’s commercial opportunities)
  • Market ‘hurdle’ rate (the rate which should be applied to an investment decision; i.e., equity returns of the analysed opportunity)

Corporate-strategy development is an important tool that allows us to define anything from specific to generic project opportunities and evaluate them in combination with various market conditions.

Strategy development allows us to use evaluations and forecasts as a base for the company’s business direction. The ultimate aim of strategic development is to:

  • Identify business opportunities
  • Set targeted revenue levels
  • Forecast annual cash flow (anything from individual- and company-level opportunities, geographical regions, market segments, consolidated group of company results, etc.)
  • Create profit & loss accounts
  • Define various scenarios (e.g., Low, Base and High)
  • Evaluate the business at various stages (from individual opportunities to overall business impact)
  • Set targets and track by various metrics (e.g., MWs in construction, MWs installed, MWs in operations and the number of projects in various stages)
  • Allow for control of financial resources, cash-flow levels and required cushions, tax control, liquidity, letters of credit, etc.
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